Fellow soda lovers, 

Over the last three years, we've been working hard to drink as much cream soda as humanly possible - good soda, that is. In this time, we've sampled close to 100 cream sodas, and well over 200 other varieties. It is with great joy that we are moving on from just cream soda.

On March 17th, we will be opening Mass Street Soda at 1103 Massachusetts in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. We'll have well over 1000 varieties of soda, and we are incredibly excited to see you all there. 

Feel free to email us with any questions, and we'll look forward to sa
Young creamoisseurs - we apologize for our lack of updates. We have been drinking cream soda, but not posting updates. This will end soon. I solemnly swear that if we do not update with at least three cream soda ratings by September 10th, then I will buy all of you a delicious cream soda on me. Count on it.

- Crea
We just finished an official tasting of Jeff's Amazing New York Vanilla Egg Cream Soda. It was awesome! This is one unique soda - go here to see the review and check out their website here if you want to get some yourself!
I'll tell you what - med school sure is dumb. Jeff has been busy not drinking cream soda because he is awesome and smart and in med school. Hopefully he can find a cure for diabetes so that we can drink cream soda to our heart's desire! In the meantime, we picked up three new brews in the St. Louis area: Ben Shaw (from England!), Natural Brew, and Vess. Now, Jeff and I have gone back and forth a few times about whether red cream soda should be considered cream soda at all. In St. Louis, I found an article about how Stan Musial used to keep his fridge stocked with Vess cream soda. If it is good enough for Stan, it is good enough for me! We have also updated a few of the ratings, so check them out!
We went up to good ol' Lincoln Nebraska this weekend to bask in the wonderfulness of Rocketfizz. This place has hundreds of varieties of root beer, sarsparilla beer, and of course, cream soda. Fortunately, they had eight different varieties that we didn't, which made it a very productive and awesome trip! Thanks again to the good people of Rocketfizz - they have multiple locations around the country so check out their website to see if they have one near you!
This week has been a good week. We were able to meet some really wonderful people who have spent a great deal of time with different sodas from around the world. For those of you who also appreciate a tall frosty Root Beer, be sure to head on over to Anthony's Root Beer Barrel. He told me "I hate cream soda" but we promise to not hold it against him. He has already tried well over 450 varieties of Root Beer, Sarsparilla, and a congomorate of other tasty beverages, so take a few minutes to peruse all the work he has done!

We were also able to talk to Danny, aka The Soda Sommelier. He runs the site www.realsoda.com and is pretty much the godfather of soda knowledge. He has the largest soda cap collection in the United States and his passion for soda has taken him all over the world. If they haven't done an entire series on this guy on the food network yet, I don't know what is holding them back. He has been a wealth of information and has pointed us to some semi-local soda shops that we plan on visiting as soon as possible!

We should have atleast ten reviews printed by the end of the week. Keep checking back to see the latest reviews and Creamoisseur news!

- The Creamoisseurs
Picked up three new flavors this weekend: Kandy Korner, Tommy's Naked Soda, and D&G Jamaican Cream Soda. They are being carefully driven to St. Louis by relatives so that we can pick them up - I didn't want to risk having them explode on the blame! Updates are coming in taste tests very quickly, so be sure to check back often!

- Creamoisseur Matt
So we were driving back from our friends wedding in Dallas when we came upon one of the most beautiful sights known to man: Pop's 66 Soda Ranch. This place was huge, and it has over 500 different flavors of soda! We were able to pick up about 12 new cream sodas - our total is 32 cream soda varieties now! If you are ever driving on I-35 through Oklahoma, you would be a fool not to take a visit to the soda ranch!


- The Creamoisseurs
Is America a Coke country or Pepsi country? Do we call it pop or soda? Is it better out of a can, bottle, or on tap? These questions, among many other, are some of the most irrelevant and unwarranted questions that we face on a day to day basis. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who appreciate an ice cold cream soda, and those who are lame. This website is dedicated to those who have to deal with mass produced, over appreciate beverages at restaurants and in stores. This website is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands who understand the tasty deliciousness of a chilled cream soda on a hot summer (or mild spring, or slightly chilly fall, or frozen) winter day. This website is dedicated to those who drink the most wonderful beverage known to man; cream soda.

You may or may not realize this at the time, but cream soda is actually a biblical beverage. We are fairly certain that both Moses and Jesus enjoyed an occasional cream soda long neck from time to time. If you don't believe us, check out this verse:

Leviticus 20:24:

But I said to you, "You will possess their land; I will give it to you as an inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey." I am the LORD your God, who has set you apart from the nations.

Now we are not experts in Hebrew, but we are pretty sure that a better translation of this verse would replace 'milk' and 'honey' with 'cream' and 'vanilla', respectively. 

Anyhow, this blog will be written by Jeff and Matt. Collectively, we are The Creamoisseurs. Does this mean that we are cream soda experts? No. But is it the catchiest name we could come up with? Absolutely. Our hope is to find out which cream soda blend is our favorite, so that we can continue to drink an inordinate amount of the highest quality cream soda attainable.

The Rating System

We will be rating cream soda beverages in five different categories. After much consideration, we think these are the five most applicable and reasonable categories that will truly capture the taste of our favorite cream soda varieties. Taste can earn up to 20 points. The next three categories are out of a possible 10 points each. The fifth category, known as the X factor, is out of 5. However, a perfect score is 50 points. The X factor is only for additional points.

1. Taste.

Here, we will describe the taste. This includes the first impression from when it hits your lips, all the way until your entire body is filled with cream soda joyfulness.

2. Balance.

Some cream sodas tend to lean more towards the cream. Some are heavy on the soda. Some have subtle hints of vanilla, while others will try to overpower you. Different cream soda blends can work for different reasons. In this section, we will try to explain the balance, and why it works - or doesn't work.

3. Drinkability.

Have you ever had a sample of ice cream and loved it, only to find that you couldn't handle an entire cone because it was too rich/sweet/something else? Drinkability is important, because it looks beyond the first impression. How enjoyable is the beverage down to the last drop? Is it better sipped or chugged? How does it work for the cream soda at hand? These are a few of the questions we will ask when we question the drinkability.

4. Finish.

Aftertaste is almost as important as taste itself. There is nothing worse than the aftertaste of a diet beverage. While we're on that note, please know that we will not be sampling any diet cream sodas. It's just not the same.

5. X-Factor.

We've seen cream soda in bottles and cans, in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz portions. We've seen them for as high as $3.00 and as low as $0.35. The x-Factor accounts for the things that don't really fit into other categories. Only 5 points can be awarded in the X-Factor category, but X-Factor points can only be added, they cannot count against a beverage. If a particular blend of cream soda scored 10 out of 10 in the first 4 categories, and also had 5 X-Factor points, their score would be 45 out of 40 - which probably won't ever happen.

But enough of the explanations. It is time to drink some cream soda!